How to kick dry skin to the kerb


Many people suffer from dry skin at some point in their lives, particularly during the winter months, and if this is true for you then you may well be trying to think of a way to get rid of it. No matter how many rose gold makeup brushes you own, nothing is going to sit right on your skin unless you have a good base to start from. So, to make sure that your oval brush has something to work with, these tips are great ones to put into practice as soon as you possibly can.


Don’t take hot baths

Although you may think that nothing is better during the winter than taking a hot bath, this isn’t always the case – and it is something that you will need to consider very carefully. The hot water can actually dry out your skin, so you should try your best to lower the temperature of the water if you can. Many of us simply turn up the temperature to as hot as we can stand it, and that can often have a negative effect on our skin.

Try using a cream rather than a lotion

If you have gone through the whole of the summer using body lotion, then there is a huge chance that this simply isn’t going to be good enough now that the winter has arrived. For this reason, you may find that the benefits are better if you use a cream, as it is a lot thicker and can provide a greater amount of moisture to your skin. This should be much more effective during the winter months, and is definitely something to think about using.

Don’t use soap

If you are the type of person who uses soap to wash with, then you should stop this – as this can have a major drying effect on your skin over time. Instead, you should try cleanser that doesn’t contain soap, and that has as few ingredients as possible – as this is what is least likely to have a negative effect on your skin.

Get a gentle moisturiser

You don’t want to moisturise too often, however a gentle one can be a great addition to your skincare regime, and means that you can get rid of any dry patches that might be causing you an issue. It’s always handy to be able to carry this around with you, particularly if you’re going away on holiday or even for a weekend, as this means that you will always have it to hand when you need it.

In general, dry skin can have a hugely negative effect on your overall look, and for this reason you always need to make sure that you are keeping it in check whenever you possibly can. Doing this is certain to have a good outcome on your skin in the future, and for this reason it is always good to get into good habits, as these habits will leave you with great skin for a lifetime.





Natural treatment for Candida Albicans

Your fight against Candida starts with a low sugar diet. Candida is a yeast that feeds on sugar and starts overpopulating the guts of its host when the diet is not balanced. Sugar is what makes it possible for that yeast to turn into a fungal form. That is when the health problems start. Avoiding sugar is one of the natural ways to kill candida. Do not eat any candies, chocolate, syrup, artificial sweeteners or any other sugar. Avoid alcohol, grains, dried fruit, processed foods, soda pop and animal products.

Along with a low sugar diet, cleansing your body with foods that kill candida is very efficient. A 7 day cleanse with special detox drinks and herbs is recommended in order to flush your colon and kill candida colonies that are living in there. Detox shakes should include bentonite clay and psyllium husk, to absorb and push all the toxins produced by candida out of the colon. Antifungals should be taken in capsules or tinctures. If you decide to fast during your candida cleanse, make sure to perform enemas every day to clean the colon. A candida diet during this 7 day cleanse should be composed of steamed vegetables and salads only.

Foods that kill candida can be found in most food stores. Include them in your daily diet during the cleanse. Here are 5 foods that kill candida:

1. Pumpkin seeds are rich in Omega-3 ALA fatty acids. They are potent anti-fungal and anti-parasitic, and they help reducing inflammation that is caused by candida.
2. Garlic is an antifungal that kills candida and helps balancing the microbiome. It is often used for its detoxifying power for the liver and colon. Add flavor to your food with chopped raw garlic, or juice a couple of cloves and mix it with water or juice.
3. Onions are also known to be a powerful antifungal, but also an anti-parasite and anti-bacterial. They help people suffering from water retention, by flushing excess fluids out of the body.
4. All types of seaweed can assist the body during the candida cleanse. They are rich in iodine, an essential mineral that can help people with an imbalanced thyroid. Seaweed is known to help flush toxins and heavy metals, while sweeping clean the digestive track.
5. Rutabaga is a vegetable with strong anti-fungal properties. It is probably the most potent of all the food you will find.

Home remedies for candida

There are different supplements that can be used to kill candida. Along with the low-sugar diet, natural anti-fungals will help get rid of the candida overgrowth for good. Natural remedies for candida include Caprylic acid, black walnut, oregano oil, Pau d’arco, Aloe vera, cloves, garlic, grapeseed extract, turmeric, Reishi and Chaga mushroom. Another very effective treatment against candida is probiotic supplements. Candida overgrowth is mainly caused by an imbalance in your gut of the good and the bad bacteria. Restoring your intestinal balance is crucial to kill candida albicans. Acidophilus should be taken every day in order to beat your candida problem.

All you need to know about the MMR Vaccine

As a new parent, a major priority with your baby is ensuring that he or she is vaccinated properly. In Sri Lanka, vaccinations for several diseases are compulsory, and this brings about great protection for us all. If you’re looking to get your baby vaccinated in Sri Lanka, there is a National Immunization Schedule for EPI vaccines, which helps you adhere to proper vaccines and schedules.

One of the most important vaccines in Sri Lanka that is given to your child is MMR. The MMR vaccine protects against three diseases that are caused by viruses, namely measles, mumps and rubella. Scientists have combined vaccines for three diseases in one shot, in order to decrease the number of injections that your baby will need. So what does MMR protect against exactly? In this article we will go into detail about these three diseases.

Measles:Measles is an acute febrile illness that is highly contagious and is caused by the measles virus. Initial signs of infection include high fever as well as a runny nose, red eyes, cough and white specks inside the cheeks. A rash on the face and upper part of the neck develops in a few days, which eventually spreads to the hands and feet. Complications can be deadly and include blindness, encephalitis, severe diarrhoea and pneumonia, which is one of the main causes of death that occurs due to measles. The disease is spread by sneezing and coughing and through personal or direct contact with throat or infected nose secretions.

Mumps: This is an acute viral disease which comes with fever, swelling and tenderness of the salivary glands, (parotid glands). Mumps is highly contagious and transmitted by direct contact of saliva, as well as nose and throat droplets discharges from infected people. Symptoms include fever, headache, lethargy, loss of appetite and headache, followed by swelling of one or both of the salivary glands. There is no treatment available and the disease resolves 7-10 days after symptoms begin.

Rubella:Also known as German Measles, the rubella virus is spread through respiratory transmission in between humans. If a pregnant woman is infected with the virus, it can enter the placenta and the developing fetus, which in turn can cause death or multiple birth defects such as hearing loss, heart defects, cataracts and mental retardation.

The MMR vaccine in Sri Lanka is offered to children through the Expanded Programme of Immunization (EPI) at 9 months of age and 3 years of age. It is also given to females of child bearing age between 15-44 years who have previously not received the MMR shot.

The MMR vaccine is the most effective and safest way to protect your child against measles, mumps and rubella.Western Hospital provides comprehensive vaccinations in Sri Lanka for both children and adults, including the MMR vaccine. Find out more about the vaccinations available at our hospital here.


Why Dieting Alone Won’t Cure Obesity



Millions of people in the world suffer from the disease known as obesity. Many people struggle to recognize obesity as a disease that can be cured because they think the solution is just to “stop eating so much”, and they don’t understand why obese people don’t just do this in order to lose weight.

It’s a myth that obesity sufferers don’t know anything about diets, nutrition and healthy eating. They know more about those things than most people, because their condition has driven them to find out about it, in the hope of curing themselves.

Unfortunately though, dieting alone will very rarely be enough to cure obesity and reverse a sufferer’s body back to a normal and healthy weight level. So telling obese people to just eat much less food is not enough. If it were, far more of them would be able to help themselves.

The problem is that if an obese person just goes on a diet, even a very rigorous diet, the body will of course begin to lose weight, but it will happen at as slow a pace as the body can manage.

This is because the brain will think that the host body is in danger of starvation because of limited food supply, so it will do all it can to make the body consume its stores of fatty tissue as slowly as possible.

This is an internal food rationing mechanism that helped our prehistoric ancestors survive for months when there was no food available because of the cold winters. It still helps mammals in the wild survive long, harsh winters.

If an obese person just goes on a diet and does nothing else, their weight loss progress will be slow. It will still however, be extremely painful, because of the hunger pains. Many people who try it this way end up giving up and going back to their old eating habits out of frustration.

The secret is to combine the dieting with strenuous exercise. The experts at work with lots of personal trainers who treat obese clients, and they’ve produced the infographic you see below which details the process they advise personal trainers to take when trying to cure obese people.

You’ll notice that exercise is a massive part of the process, with the objective being to burn 500-1000 calories each day through intense exercise.

When this is done in combination with a strict diet devoid of fatty and sugary foods, the body has no choice but to rapidly consume its stockpiles of fat in order to fuel itself. It will be burning far more calories than it is consuming. This is called calorie deficit, and is the best way cure to obesity.

You May Now Qualify for a Subsidy Through the Health Care Insurance Marketplace

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled to support the current Affordable Care Act law, which allows millions of Americans to have access to subsidies to help them pay for their health coverage even if they purchase it from the Health Care Insurance Marketplace.

Therefore, in 2017 you are going to have to report your health insurance status when filing taxes. This year it seems as though the process will be more straightforward too. Now is the time to see if you qualify before you face a tax penalty.

Tips for Maximizing Your Tax Return with Marketplace Insurance

  1. You need to keep your financial information and status changes accurate throughout the year when receiving an advanced premium tax credit or subsidy. This ensures that you get all of your eligible help and you will avoid having to pay back money during tax time.
  2. Only take half of your subsidy upfront if possible. This allows you to get the rest back as a tax refund during tax season and you lower your chances of having to pay back money.
  3. If you missed the 2016 open enrollment, certain life changes that are considered a “qualifying life event” can allow you to enroll outside of the enrollment period.

If you file your taxes with TurboTax 2017, they will keep you up to date and ensure you get the largest tax refund possible. If you have questions about the Affordable Care Act find answers at TurboTax Health.

Health Care Income Calculator

When you signed up for your health insurance plan during the Marketplace Open Enrollment, you may have also qualified for assistance to help you pay for your monthly health insurance premium depending on your household income for the year and the number of people in your family. If you think you may qualify for assistance make sure that you check out the TurboTax Income Estimator Calculator.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Enter the number of working family members.
  2. Enter the estimated income for each family member
  3. TurboTax calculates your household income and how much assistance you are eligible to receive.

When Is Open Enrollment

For the 2017 tax year, Open Enrollment is available until January 31st 2016. While your annual income and family size could change throughout the year, you can use the calculator whenever a change takes place to see if you are still eligible. Additionally, whenever a change occurs make sure you report it to your state marketplace or on to avoid tax surprises. Depending on the change that occurs, you may be able to get more assistance.

When you file your taxes with TurboTax, you can be confident knowing that they have your back and will help you receive the largest refund ever.



Playards vs Cribs: Advantages of The Best Pack and Play Playards

Both playards and cribs are a popular choice for parents who look for a comfortable sleeping place for their baby. While cribs are a more traditional option, pack’n’plays are a relatively new medium, and many people still don’t know about the advantages of the playards. We’ve listed the most important differences between the best pack and play playards and cribs, leaving you to overview and select the preferred option yourself.

Size Difference

Playards are usually smaller than cribs. Newborns are often easily over stimulated, and the reduced sleeping space can help the baby feel the presence of parents around them, making them feel more safe. The feeling of being surrounded is critical for newborns, because the sleep comfortability is especially important in the first few years of the baby life.

Smaller size also makes pack and plays placed in the room more easily, which is an advantage for smaller bedrooms. The more compact size also allows playards to be easily foldable.


Unlike the cribs, pack and play don’t have hard bars and bumpers that could possibly lead to injury. Instead, playards use thick layers of soft materials that protect your baby from accidentally getting hurt.

Pack and plays can also come with a bassinet option. For example, these pack and play playards with bassinet can help you prevent pets and siblings from getting in the sleeping area.


Cribs are stationary and can’t be folded, so you wouldn’t be able to take them on a picnic or out of town on a weekend. Meanwhile, the best pack and play playards can be easily packed in a small bug, taken wherever you need and then quickly re-assembled. The mobility advantage allows parents to take the baby’s sleeping place with them even for extended amounts of time. This is especially helpful for babies who are used to their sleeping space and have problems falling asleep in the unfamiliar surroundings.

Playing Options

During the times when parents can’t watch the baby constantly, playards can offer additional play field features. Pack and plays can come with a variety of toys for your baby to play with, and even music and sound effects. More importantly, playards are more safe than cribs to play in: the baby can’t accidentally fall out of a playard when actively playing with toys.



The best pack and play playards are usually simply cheaper than the majority of cribs. Cribs often require buying additional such as mattress and bedding, which can be straining for parents on a tight budget. Meanwhile, playards already include the full package of everything you need for your baby’s sleep environment.

healthiest foods and you – leading you to a healthier life

healthiest foods and you

What are the benefits of the healthiest foods and why should you eat the healthiest foods? Other then the word “healthy” healthy foods are what your body needs to stay strong and keep it going throughout the day. The thing people don’t seem to realize about healthy foods is not only does healthy foods keep your body going but it also keeps your body in top shape. A lot of people in today’s world accept there feeling of fatigue and tiredness as getting older. Well news flash everyone… its the lack of exercise and poor eating. Extra tips for health extension dog food


health equity hsaPeople fail to realize that without healthy foods your body just cannot function the way it is suppose to and there for shuts itself down faster at the end of the day and makes you sluggish. You ever wonder why when you get up you have no energy? you think to yourself… well its just I’m tired, the feeling will go away. You go all the way through your day and still have that same feeling and cant figure out whats wrong? Well its probably because you, like a million other people, live on todays fatty foods and expect your body just to accept it. If you just start supplying your body with healthy foods then it will thank you by supplying you with more energy!


Think of it this way… your body is a fine machine and should be treated as such… if your body was that dream car you always wanted would you be shoving crappy oils into it and hope it still runs smooth? Would you never get it checked up and hope it still runs like the day you first got it with no problems? Of course not! you would be keeping track of that cars health like no other would! The same thing goes for our bodies. You cannot supply it with bad oils(fatty foods) and never keep it up to factory standards and good shape (working out) and expect it to run properly. You have got to get those healthy foods into your body or your body will turn against you!

3 Tricks to Staying On a Diet Without Feeling Hungry


Usually the worst part about surviving your diet is dealing with the hunger pangs.  If you’re accustomed to eating heavy carb meals and then suddenly start reducing portions, it will leave your stomach growling like a dog in a colony of cats.  You will be fighting a losing battle, constantly starving yourself for a greater good.

And of course that strategy is going to fail, because statistically speaking the odds are stacked against you.  According to one survey, over half of all Americans are dieting in order to lose weight or maintain it.  Over 100 million dieters and strong is actually a major statistical increase since ten years ago, so the health kick is going strong and that’s a good thing.

Unfortunately, as we analyze more statistics, we see a recurring problem.  Eighty percent of people will try to lose weight on their own and a whopping 90 percent of these achievers will gain their weight back later, usually within a five year period.  

Another handful of studies were quoted by a University professor’s blog, where it was suggested that keeping the weight off may be scientifically impossible.  The theory is that the body eventually adapts to weight loss but does so in ways that makes gaining weight much easier.  Successful weight-loss proponents essentially make it a “full time job”, or suggests the research.  

  1. Find a Diet You Like

The same article suggests, ultimately, that although there are many strategies involved, the one sure way to lose weight and keep it off is to find a process that you LIKE.  The number one reason people do succeed and keep weight off for the rest of their life is to find a means of dieting that appeals to them and that they actually enjoy doing.  This instantly eliminates the stress involved in keeping up a rigid diet.   

Eating foods that you hate is essentially working for a boss you can’t stand, or living with a spouse that you can’t stand or stay faithful to.  It’s contradictory to your nature and it does not appeal to your internal thoughts, which are based on a firm system of reward and punishment.  We do what feels good and avoid what makes us feel miserable.  Finding the right diet and LOVING the way you eat is the first step to making the permanent change.  In another words, successful dieters do NOT starve.  At all.

  1. Start Eating More—Not Less

Here’s a concept that seems downright logical—if you’re hungry, eat.  Starving yourself is just pointless torture.  Your body is telling you that it needs nutrients.  Listening is always the right thing to do.  However, you DO have to start changing what you eat.  You have to have the strength to resist eating garbage and instead increase your dinner plate with vegetables, which have almost no calories in comparison to traditional carb-heavy meals.  Most modern diets actually allow you to eat unlimited vegetables, because they’re so low in calories and you use everything you eat immediately.  Your body does become full after eating vegetables, and the hunger pains will cease.  This means you must change your diet to allow you to eat more healthy foods and smaller portions throughout the day.  This new approach to lifestyle will help get rid of hunger pains.

  1. Treat Sugar Like an Addiction

A spokesperson from Diet Doc, a platform that helps people lose weight effectively, explains the situation well.  “Processed sugar is just as addictive as any street drug. Keeping unlimited dessert in the house is just begging to fail.”
If you can apply these basic tips in your daily life, and make it part of the new “you”, then you can keep the weight off—even with moderate exercise, believe it or not.

Healthcare Consulting Services

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, medical practices must juggle rising overhead costs, declining reimbursements, complex regulatory mandates and higher individual risk. Operating a successful practice in this atmosphere requires the help of professionals who know your business. Healthcare consulting is strategic planning and development firm specializing in emerging markets.

RLHealthcare Advisory Services helps clients take advantage of new opportunities in the area of healthcare, and facilitate short and long-term planning and development. Our goal is to optimize patient care and organizational growth for the foreseeable future. Healthcare Consulting organization is focused on helping care providers through these transformational
changes in healthcare delivery.

At Research and consulting services in the health care and service sectors reform mandates demand transformation from the healthcare community.
Healthcare consulting firms about can be disconnected into two primary categories: analysis and clandestine industry. The healthcare industry includes aggregate from pharmaceuticals to hospital services. In some countries, this casework is provided through authoritative agencies, while healthcare is operated by clandestine business enterprises in others. Healthcare consulting firms are beginning in all countries, behindhand of the authoritative anatomy acclimated to accommodate healthcare.

Healthcare is changing. From reform initiatives to physician alignment to mergers and acquisitions and more, the healthcare industry is filled with challenges, questions and new possibilities. PYA’s team of experienced advisors can help steer your organization through these unchartered waters.

Broad resources and experience including advanced degrees in medicine, nursing, healthcare administration, public health, economics, finance, management, accounting, tax and law.

Offer a comprehensive suite of services to help you successfully manage the challenges between healthcare, operations and finance. Drawing upon our extensive depth of knowledge, and can address the specific needs of your organization while providing practical insights and exceptional service.

Career In Healthcare Business Consulting

Healthcare Business Consultants work in the business end of the healthcare industry. They meet with hospital officials, doctors and patients to provide financial and administrative consulting. To be successful, a typical healthcare business consultant will hold a master’s degree in either healthcare or business administration. Business Consultants normally work on a contract basis and do not hold the same status as a developed employee of the organization or person they work for, or they work as part of a consulting firm. These people are decision makers for their employers, allowing the employer to focus on its specific goals without having to do the secretarial figuring on its own.


There are certain education necessities for healthcare business consultants. To work as a consultant or healthcare manager, employees must first acquire a master’s degree in either business administration or healthcare administration. The minimum requirements are usually for a bachelor’s degree in these areas, but with a competitive and successful job market in the industry, it is generally essential to have the more advanced degree.

Consultant’s Services for Client:

The main advantage of a healthcare business consultant is experience. This experience can present itself in the form of knowledge of the healthcare business, contacts and special skills like the capability to do study and summary financial statements and contracts. They are important to their employers because they provide time-saving support and extra manpower that the employer may not be able to spare on its own. An experienced healthcare business consultant brings to the table a range of contacts in the industry, such as with suppliers, analysts and insurance companies. This can help a healthcare business gain and keep more patients.

Duties of Healthcare Consultant:

Research, writing and meetings make up the majority of a healthcare consultant’s daily activities. Their job is leaning around numbers and statistics. Consultants meet with clients to evaluate financial standing and develop payment strategies and endowment plans. These administrators are liable for preparing both internal and external financial statements for the organization or person they serve. Apart from providing guidance, consultants form strategies for growth and even draft contracts. Their work is crucial to the running of a healthcare business.

Work Preparation:

The working background of a consultant is comparable to any other business person who works in an office/team background. The work is not dangerous, but does require time management skills. The BLS reports that the average healthcare consultant works 35 hours per week nationally. This number increases when dealing with more lengthy projects, and a consultant’s work time may include traveling for the purpose of meetings or conferences with clients.