The UK’s First and Best Side Sleeper Pillow With An Ear Hole.

By | January 25, 2017


The Original Pillow With a Hole is a simple but extremely effective side sleeper pillow that is made with care and attention in Macclesfield, England.

Our pillows are designed to treat chronic ear conditions such as CNH (Chondrodermatitisnodularischronicahelicis), ear pain and pressure sores. They are also very useful for facilitating proper recovery after surgery. The reason The Original Pillow With a Hole is so effective at treating such conditions is its patented design. As its name suggests; the pillow has a hole in the middle which is orientated such that your ear is cradled and supported above the mattress and free from touching the pillow itself.

Many ear conditions are caused by and are certainly exacerbated by a person’s own pillow. The friction of the pillow acting against the ear night after night can have quite devastating consequences. Especially for the elderly or disabled whom can only sleep on one particular side. That is why a special side sleeper pillow with an ear hole is required.

Therefore, when considering the Original P.W.A.H™ the situation changes. Because the ear is not constantly rubbing against the fabric of the pillow, it is able to heal itself naturally. This is especially true for CNH and pressure sores. Creams and ointments are often prescribed and applied during the day, the ears begin to heal, but then all that hard work is undone in the evening when the person goes to bed and puts their head on their pillow. Putting a hole in the pillow frees the ear from such aggravation.

Our pillows are also excellent for allowing proper recovery after ear or head surgery for the same reasons outlined above. The wound can heal on its own without being torn or otherwise opened by the friction of ear against pillow.

Yet, don’t let the simplicity of the concept fool you. It isn’t easy to make a pillow with a hole. We can personally vouch for that fact as it took us years to perfect the design. We certainly welcome prospective customers to try making their own for there is nothing to lose, and succeed or fail we will always be here if we are needed.

All of our pillows are made by hand by a team of lovely local seamstresses and then stuffed by our professional pillower, Robert.

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