What You Need to Know about Curing Hangover

By | December 1, 2016

As you have been working hard through the office days, there’s no way you can’t ignore a party invitation on Friday night. That’s the night you can forget all the burden at work and enjoy the party hard. And yes, there’s no party without drinking a lot. The party will be fun and exciting but the hardest part is the next morning when you wake up with severe hangover. We all have been there and know very well the suffer from hangover. What we don’t know yet is how to cure the hangover fast.

What is the best hangover cure that works? That’s the question as old as the history of human kind’s appetite to alcoholic beverage. Off course we’ve heard lots or rumor about hangover cure said to works effectively but still we are suffering with torturing headache the morning after the party. Curing hangover must be started by understanding what it really is. The major factors of hangover are dehydration and the poisoning effects of alcohol. Those are the two things to deal with to cure hangover effectively. You don’t need to be a chemist or scientist to find the magic formula. The key is restoring the water balance inside your metabolism system.

Be sure you drink a lot of liquid and not just water, your body needs minerals to restore electrolyte balance. Mineralized water containing salt of potassium, magnesium, sodium, and phosphorus can be the option but the ideal hangover drink is pickle juice or the liquid in a jar of pickle. Yes, that sounds weird but actually it contains ideal amount of salt and elements to help restoring water balance and electrolyte balance inside your body. Light breakfast of fruit, vegetable salad, or yoghurt will be helpful. Taking shower is also important part to cure hangover because it helps removing toxins released by body through sweat.